Trijicon Reap IR Thermal Weapon Sight - Thermal Hog Hunting

on April 01, 2017


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The REAP-IR is the one worth waiting for with all the features and performance of the IR HUNTER Mark Ill and the size and weight factor of the IR PATROL. The REAP-IR truly is the best of both systems incorporating a 12° degree field-of-view lens with the new stadiametric range finder. Having 2.Sx magnification combined with the 640x480 resolution 12um micron LWIR thermal core in the small tactical package makes the REAP-IR ideal for Special Operations, Tactical Teams and border security. We also have 60hz fast frame rate in every REAP-IR system at no addition cost to you. The fast frame rate will be very useful for leading a shot of a fast moving target. The REAP-IR integrates several new features such as multiple reticle save locations so you can mount the sight on different weapons and keep your reticle position. It has the new digital read-out on the reticle adjustment screen giving you information on exactly how many clicks you have adjusted the system. With up to 5 different reticle patterns you can find the best fit for your application. And to finish off the REAP-IR we have added a flip-up lens cap, Mini D-LOC Rail Mount and a battery extender to every mini thermal sight

640x480 Mini Thermal Sight,
Emagin OLED Display
BAE MicroIR 640x480 Sensor
60hz Frame Rate
12um Micron Detector
35mm GASIR Lens
Stadiametric Ranging
Digital Reticle Position Readout
IR PATROL Features and Thumb Stick
IR Hunter MKIII Reticles and Ballistics

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