Pulsar XQ38 384 2.1-8.4X
Pulsar Trail XQ50 384 2.7-10.8X
Pulsar XQ38 384 2.1-8.4X
Pulsar XQ38 384 2.1-8.4X
Pulsar XQ38 384 2.1-8.4X
Pulsar XQ38 384 2.1-8.4X
Pulsar XQ38 384 2.1-8.4X
Pulsar XQ38 384 2.1-8.4X
Pulsar Trail XQ50 384 2.7-10.8X
Pulsar Trail XQ50 384 2.7-10.8X
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Pulsar Trail XQ50 384 2.7-10.8X


The Pulsar Trail product range includes two lines of riflescopes Trail XQ38/XQ50 and Trail XP38/XP50. The models with XQ letter index are based on the 384x288 pixel thermal imaging sensor. Top models of the line with XP index are based on a new cutting-edge 640x480 thermal sensor. Both sensors have 17 µm pixel pitch and work at 50 Hz frame rate.


Pulsar Trail XQ50 384 2.7-10.8X

  • Device Technology:Thermal Imaging
  • Sensor Resolution:384x288
  • Sensor Pixel Size:17 Micron
  • Sensor Frame Rate:50hz
  • Sensor Type:ULIS Core
  • Objective F#:1.2
  • Objective Focal Length:50mm
  • Optical Magnification:2.7X
  • Digital Magnification:4X
  • Warranty:3-Years

Long Viewing Range

Depending on the model, Trail thermal sights provide hunting game detection (wild boar, moose, deer, or bear) at distances of 1000 meters and more.

High Resolution 640x480 Thermal Imaging Sensor

The high 640x480 pixel resolution ensures all objects within the field of view have the highest level of detail. High sensor resolution makes the smallest objects, i.e. branches, leaves, body extremities of an animal, appear exceptionally crisp and clear against the background.


Fully Waterproof IPX7

The Trail thermal sights can be operated in precipitation of any intensity, e.g. heavy shower or snowfall (the units have IPX7 degree of protection according to the IEC 60529). 


High Shock Resistance

The Trail thermal sights feature high shock resistance and can be used with rifled hunting weapon for such cartridges as 9.3х64, .30-06, .300, .375. etc, and with smooth-bore and airsoft weapon.



“Picture-in-Picture” function provides a shooter with a possibility to display additional image region on the screen which contains several times magnified image (depending on the shooter’s choice) of a target and reticle. This allows seeing a more detailed image in the aiming area. Additional region (precise aiming frame) is situated in the top center part of the screen above the reticle. Taking just 1/10 of the total screen area additional image region allows simultaneous use of total field of view for observation.