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Trijicon IR Hunter Mark II Thermal Imaging Sight

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Meet the advanced thermal hunting scope that's built for one purpose: a successful hunt every time. More than 25 years of night vision system design has led us to the user-friendly ergonomics and advanced infrared technology of the Trijicon® IR-HUNTER® thermal weapon series. All you have to think about is sight alignment and trigger squeeze. Choose your perfect magnification and field of view from the IR-HUNTER® MK2 and IR-HUNTER® MK3 products.

The IR HUNTER MK II is the perfect thermal weapon sight and with good reason.  It is a combination of over 20 years of night vison system design and feedback from the original IR HUNTER. This led us to our new improved Mk II version that is only available in 640x480 because we only want to delivery to you the best. We chose to upgrade the sensor to the new Micro1R™ 12um Micron technology that is extremely impressive and also uses less power which saves batteries. We also decided to combine this new sensor with a MIL.SPEC. Emagin OLED micro display that delivers a super crisp, sharp image per your request.

We also added 60hz fast frame rate to every MK II system at no addition cost to you. The fast frame rate will be very useful for leading a shot of a fast moving target. Another nice feature of the new MK II is that the 12um Micron delivers 35% more magnification than a 17um Micron which means our 35mm lens is equal to a 50mm lens on a 17um system. This gives you more magnification for less money out of your pocket which might help explain why the IR HUNTER MK II is the lowest cost 640x480 system on the market today.

IR HUNTER MK II remains to be one of the highest quality built systems available with our AMERICAN BUILT policy going into every system. The sight still contains all the features and ergonomics of the IR HUNTER in a sleek package made to securely fit onto your rifle. You should find comfort operating the Turret Knob controls as they are located where you expect them to be, same as your day optics. Button controls are nice; but in the dark, downrange, under fire, your natural instincts will appreciate the JR Hunter's similarity to your day sight.

One of the key decisions when buying a thermal weapon sight is whether to get a dedicated or Clip-On system. The IR HUNTER MK II allows you to have the best of both worlds. The system works as a Clip-On out of the box with no accessory required on a selection of 1 x, 1-4x and 1-6x day optics (ask for approved optics list).

Delivering super sharp detailed symbols and reticles combined with our high precision adjusters allows you to simply sight in, and quickly make the ballistic corrections the shot demands. More precision, more hits!



  • 640 MicroIR Thermal Sensor
  • 60hz Super Fast Image
  • DCE - Digital Contrast Enhance
  • 35% More Magnification
  • Edge Detection Mode
  • 40% More Battery Life
  • Increased Clip-On Capability
  • Sharper Image Quality
  • Rifle Scope Ergonomics
  • Turret Knob Controls
  • High Performance Optics
  • Mil. Spec Construction 
  • LaRue Tactical Mount
  • Precision Detailed Reticles
  • Polarity and Zoom Modes
  • ETR - Enhanced Targeting Modes
  • 100% Made in the USA
  • 3 Year Warranty

Download the IR Hunter Mark II Product Specification Sheet Here